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Created to conquer ACNE


Nature supported by Science


Because water is an inactive element of most cosmetic creams, we have replaced it with a concentrated infusion of Willow and Yarrow. Those active ingredients play vital role in healing and protecting sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Unlike ordinary sea salt, Dead Sea Salt contains 21 different minerals. In combination with carefully chosen herbs our Facial Wash is gentle, soothing but deep cleansing entry stage of every morning and night skincare routine.  

For acne affected skin, mechanical exfoliation is usually not recommended. Therefore it is essential to rejuvenate the skin with suitable chemical but naturally obtained exfoliators like AHAs. In correct concentration they not only work from bottom-up of your skin, but also unblock the skin pores and help maintain healthy function of sebaceous glands.

Excess of sebum is one of the most important problems to solve for acne-prone skin. For successful, continuous and healthy effects we included kaolin as one of the most important ingredients for night skincare.  

Non-comedogenic coconut oil makes very rarely into facial skincare products. It's expensive and time consuming to obtain in a raw and extra virgin incarnation. It makes however such a difference by adding so many valuable nutrients and unrivalled performance, we took extra steps to include it in our kit. 



There is no better recommendation like reviews and testimonials of our product from other users.

Below you can see what other said about our product:


So far I am loving the product...it is perfect for my skin as I sometimes have bad acne. I had a massive pimple on my face last week since using the products it has dramatically gone down. I especially love the cream for my face as it moisturises it perfectly and smoothly.


Its great for my problematic combination skin; it made my skin smooth, soft and cleared up my acne!! 


Creams do not clog, but unblock pores and cleanse. I have a lot less blackheads, the old ones gradually disappear and the new ones practically cease to appear. Great combination with the coconut oil for smooth and radiant skin.

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