We all like to look good and feel confident with our family, friends, clothing and skin. For some, skin appearance is a major problem and it impacts on all other areas of personal and social development. In 2014 the decision was made to find the best formulation capable of conquering skin disorder called Acne Vulgaris. It affects over 600 million people Worldwide and till date most of the products and treatments offered are based on the chemicals causing side effects and short term improvements. No More Pimple (NMP) was brought to life as a result of 5 years research and process of elimination. In June 2019, Viola and Bart finally concluded on the most simple and relatively quick skincare routine based on the Natural and Organic ingredients which were powerful but gentle and with no side effects.

Founder of No More Pimple (NMP) - Bart Basinski, Medical Scientist, MSc Degree from University of Lodz, Poland

Bart Basinski, Biomedical Scientist with an instinct and knowledge of medical doctor, he feels his mission is to help people. As much as 10 years in NHS, UK was a great experience, his daily work never gave him this fulfillment. 

Bart was struggling with Acne Vulgaris since early teenage years and until 34 no product, no medicine, no treatment was able to help his skin. All medical test results were always within the norm and no hormonal misbalance was ever found. 

In late 2013 Bart became a father and quickly realized his daughter could have inherited the same genes contributing in development of acne. With his wife Viola being from the same scientific background, they investigated the most appropriate and efficient system suitable not only for men, but also for women. In addition they wanted to cover the widest age range possible. They discovered that the adult acne is no different from teenage acne.  

As there is no solution available from genetics point of view (blocking increased expression of the TGF beta 2 receptor, that plays important role in the normalized function of sebaceous glands), the only way of reversing the acne processes on the human skin is by providing three main factors: healing, rejuvenating and protecting.

Bartek and Viola started cooperation with professionals in the cosmetic and biotechnology industries. Combined knowledge, production capabilities and resources availability were a foundation for putting together possibly one of the most amazing, effective and safe in use kit that masters and eliminates the onset of Acne Vulgaris in any shape or form, regardless of age, gender and race.   

"Skin is the biggest organ of human body. It responds to billion signals per second and it's the window to how we function from inside. It is not possible to achieve beautiful skin by suppressing its functionality and by eradication of bacterial flora. You achieve this by understanding the pathology of the unwanted change and by reversed engineering - supplying solution that helps adjusting the pathology back to the harmonized and balanced comfort zone"

B. Basinski, NMP Founder

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