1. First, please make sure your face is free of any make-up. Now dump your face with warm water. Can be a tap water or shower water. Pour facial wash on your hand - size of 20p coin. Spread between both hands and wash entire face, neck , outer and inner eyers. Make sure it takes at least 20-30 seconds. Next, with warm water wash off all the foam and a coat of Dead Sea Salt film. Dry your face, neck and eyers with towel. When you finish, go straight into step two. Your hands are as clean as your face and finger tips are ready to deep into the jar with Coconut Oil.

  2. Before using the Coconut Oil, please make sure there is no blood or serum on you face. If needed, stop the bleeding first with cotton pads or sterile gauze swabs. If the Coconut Oil is solid, place your finger on its surface for 5-10 seconds. The temperature of your skin will melt just enough to rub into the acne-changed places. Be patient and don’t put too much oil at once. If there is a high number of acne affected areas, rub the oil in each place. When finished, wait 5-10 mins. It will allow your skin to absorb some amount of the oil. Please, do not take any excess of oil away. If needed, rub it gently again.

  3. Morning and Night routine are the same. Please use provider Day or Night cream. In most cases, there are 2 full pumps required for the face, neck and behind the eyer areas at each morning or night routine. Place the small amounts of the  cream in 10-15 spots across the face. It might take few tries before you master this without a need of taking additional amount of the cream. Now spread the cream evenly making sure all the areas with coconut oil are covered as well. The cream will help to absorb all the coconut oil and will make it working for longer and more effectively.


The complete User Guide Bookled is included with every kit.

No More Pimple Ultimate 3-step Anti-Acne skincare cosmetics kit

  • No More Pimple Anti-Acne Skincare cosmetics system is one of the most accomplished and simplified solutions for acne-prone skin. It is suitable for all ages and both gender. The biggest benefits of our product are:

    • anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory action
    • reduced excess of sebum and unblocked pores
    • source of azulen, zinc, vitamins, MTCs and minerals
    • smooth skin and anti-scaring properties
    • deep cleansing and intensive moisturizing 

    When used according to our instructions, the expected skin changes are possible within few days. Significant improvements are visible after first 3-4 weeks of continuous use. 

    This product is Paraben Free, Sulphates Free, Cruelty Free, Dermathologicaly Tested, Organic and 100% Natural.

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